SAILING into the Future

Safe, Reliable, and Tasty Products is our Family Tradition

Shaw Family Seafood is  committed to the future: sustainable harvesting, recycling, embracing the digital future, reducing waste, and education are all critical for any of today’s companies to be here tomorrow. However, our top priority never changes and that is to deliver safe, trusted products that taste good through enhanced food safety, traceability, and consistency! Year after year, decade after decade, we have grown our family of customers because of that one word: Consistency. At Shaw Family Seafood Co. we like to say, “we’re not just consistent, we’re consistently amazing.”

We embrace the innovation-led experience here at Shaw’s.  We continuously are on the lookout for fresh concepts. Whether it’s convenience, nutrition-focused, meal concepts, or whatever your requirements may be, we strive to meet them.

We deliver quality the first time and every time, conforming to agreed requirements with our customers because our name is on every bite. Providing quality seafood and other food products is in our DNA dating back to the 19th century. We specify and source only the top ingredients. Shaw’s is fully supported by our R&D test kitchen directed by our classically trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America. The test kitchen falls under the same auspices of our FDA/USDA/BRC inspected plant for rigorous food safety, quality assurance, and ingredient specifications. Inspections and product presentations for our customers are all conducted by the most qualified and experienced personnel. Our in-house remote lab conducts analyses on incoming raw materials and finished products to ensure the most wholesome products and production environment daily. Need more information, click here.